How to Subscribe to Shows

Did you know you can get the latest episode of your favorite shows in your inbox? Never miss an episode again. Here's how.

1. If you're not already logged in, log into The Merry Beggars website.

The Login button is located on the home page.

Enter your Email and Password into the Login window.

2. Go to the Show Page for the Show you want to subscribe to.

Navigate to the Show Page by clicking on the title of any Show.

3. Click Subscribe.

Click the button that says "Subscribe."

When you do, it magically changes to "Subscribed"! You're now Subscribed!

And that's it! You're subscribed!

While you're subscribed, you'll receive every new episode in your email inbox.

Every new episode for your subscribed shows will be emailed directly to your inbox! And no episodes from shows you haven't subscribed to.

Want to unsubscribe from a show?

You can unsubscribe from any show by simply clicking the Subscribe button again. It will change from saying "Subscribed" to "Subscribe." You can also edit your notification settings by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of the website and clicking on "Notifications."

It's that simple.

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