My Email is Not Recognized

So you are trying to reset a forgotten password, but our system does not recognize your email. Uh oh!

Thankfully, the solution is simple.

It is likely that when creating your account, your email was typed incorrectly.

In order to create an account with the proper email, visit our main page here:

Where it asks for your email, type in your email and double check that it is typed correctly. Next, click the big, red button that reads, "CREATE AN ACCOUNT".

You will be directed to our sign-up page. Fill in the required information (your correct email and a cool password). Record your password in a safe place for your reference. Then, click the big, red button - the one that reads "Next Step".

After clicking "Next Step", you will be taken to Step 2. Here, you will have to fill in your first name, your last name, and pick an avatar for your profile from our assortment of awesome characters!

After filling in your name and choosing an avatar, click the big, red button that reads, "Create my account".

(We at The Merry Beggars really like big, red buttons.)

You will then be brought to our main page, where you can access all of our shows! Simply find the show you would like to listen to, then click (you guessed it!) the big, red button that reads "Listen Now"!

Enjoy and Stay Merry!

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